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Shawne found herself 6 months pregnant and homeless again. This was not the first time Shawne found herself homeless, costing her custody of her two other children. She was given 3 months to find a home before giving birth or she risked losing custody of her unborn child. To say finding housing in time was challenging was an understatement! Every day she would search for new opportunities with the hope, ”Today would be the day!”, ,but everything led to dead ends. She became overwhelmed with worry and began to lose all hope.

When Shawne came to Dawning Family Services, we were able to help her through our Rapid Rehousing Program, which helps a family with securing a new home, as well as, providing rental and utility assistance. Through hard work from our team, we were able to find Shawne a new home and helped furnish her home through THHI 560 in 560 program. Shawne found the security and safety she had been dreaming of for months. Now, Shawne has a safe place to call home for her and her baby boy.

Written by Tori Calandro


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