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A New Dawn for Franklin and His Family: How Dawning Family Services Transformed Lives

In the heart of every challenge lies the seed of transformation, waiting for the right conditions to blossom. For Franklin and his family, this journey began in the midst of adversity, but with the help of Dawning Family Services (DFS) and the unwavering determination of a family united, it has blossomed into a story of resilience, hope, and a brighter future.


Franklin and his girlfriend, already parents to a little boy, found themselves homeless after leaving a tumultuous situation with her parents. With nowhere to turn, Franklin’s mother, already battling her own homelessness and fighting cancer, believed that together they could find a way out. They embarked on a journey, bouncing from one hotel to another, each night a reminder of their precarious situation.


The family’s responsibilities increased as Franklin's girlfriend, Claire, discovered they will be welcoming another baby into their lives. With the weight of responsibility growing, Franklin stepped up. He secured employment and began the search for permanent, stable housing. However, the path was far from smooth. The process of establishing a home, setting up utilities, and managing bills was unfamiliar territory for Franklin, and the burden was heavy.


It was during these trying times that Franklin’s mother stumbled upon Dawning Family Services. She recognized that this was the hope she needed for her son. With the guidance and support of a dedicated case manager, Franklin took each step diligently, following every recommendation and requirement to ensure a brighter future for his family.


Through it all, they persevered. Franklin secured his job even before approaching Dawning, while Claire, his girlfriend, found employment through the help of DFS’s Employment Specialist. With the support of Dawning, a childcare referral was made for their young son, easing a significant burden off their shoulders. They were approved for an apartment, and with the assistance of Dawning, Franklin finally was able to secure their new home.


Today, Franklin, Claire, their son, and Franklin’s mother are living in permanent, stable housing. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their second child, who will be welcomed into a loving home, free from the uncertainty of hotels and homelessness.


Reflecting on their journey, the family expressed their profound gratitude for finding Dawning when they did. The financial strain of hotel stays was taking a toll, particularly on Franklin’s mother, who was already battling disability and feeling defeated. Dawning became their beacon of hope, guiding them through the darkest times and helping them rebuild their lives, one step at a time.


Franklin and his family's story are a testament to the transformative power of community, resilience, and support. With your help, Dawning Family Services can continue to be that beacon of hope for families in crisis, helping them find their way back to stability, security, and a brighter future.


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