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Dawning Family Services, formerly Alpha House of Tampa, has been serving Tampa and Hillsborough County since 1981.  Until 2018 we offered emergency bridge housing and supportive services to only pregnant women, single mothers, and their minor children — the “maternity home” model.  In 2018, our Board of Directors approved a new mission and expanded services to reflect the agency’s desire to address the growing need of serving more families.  


Along with the expansion of our mission, came a new name and logo from Alpha House of Tampa to Dawning Family Services.  We proudly serve all modern families with minor children including single mothers, single fathers, couples, multi-generational parents, and LGBTQ+ parents. 


Our four pillars of service include Family Homeless Prevention, Emergency Bridge Housing, Housing Services, and Employment Support Services.  

DFS Timeline Graphic for 2020-2021 Annual Report.png


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