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Emily's Journey to Stability and Success

When Emily lost her job, her world turned upside down. As a single mother of three (an 18-year-old son, a 22-year-old daughter, and a 13-year-old daughter) Emily had always managed to make ends meet. But when her job disappeared, so did her ability to pay rent. The eviction notice came swiftly, and suddenly, the family was without a home.


Desperate and determined, Emily scoured the internet for help and discovered Dawning Family Services (DFS). This marked the beginning of a new chapter for her family.

The path to stability was fraught with challenges. Emily faced a daunting job market where opportunities were scarce. Despite her relentless efforts, interviews were hard to come by. When she finally secured a job through a staffing agency, her relief was short-lived—the position was abruptly canceled just days before her start date.


The situation took a toll on her younger children, both of whom struggled with depression exacerbated by their homelessness. For weeks, the DFS Prevention program stepped in to provide refuge, covering the cost of a hotel room for Emily and her kids. This gave them a much-needed respite from the uncertainty and instability of life without a home.


The turning point came when DFS referred Emily to their Rapid Rehousing program. With the program's support, she secured a permanent apartment, a safe haven where her family could start anew. The program helped her with their rent, lifting a significant burden off her shoulders.


Today, Emily and her children have a place to call home, a stable environment where her children can heal and thrive. Emily is now able to focus on securing long-term employment, with the confidence that comes from having a stable living situation.


Emily's journey from homelessness to stability is a testament to her resilience and the critical support provided by Dawning Family Services. Thanks to the Prevention and Rapid Rehousing programs, Emily's family has found hope and a fresh start, proving that even in the darkest times, there is a path to a brighter future.


Help support families like Emily’s today. Visit our website to make a real change in the lives of families.


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