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ANGELA'S CHOICE - a mother of two making a difficult decision for her girls.

Olivia, six years old and the eldest of two, struggled with constant anxiety because of her family becoming homeless. Her mother, Angela, was forced to make a difficult decision; endure living in an unhealthy home or move out and become homeless. Angela wanted nothing more than to protect her two children and show them, unconditional love. She chose her children’s safety, forcing them to live in her car until she could figure out her next move. Angela was determined to create a better life for her family.

She was connected to Dawning Family Services and entered our Emergency Bridge Housing Program which provided safe shelter for her family. While living there, Olivia would constantly tell her mom how happy she was to be in a safe place. But from time to time, would still suffer anxiety due to the trauma she encountered while being homeless.

Amazingly, within only one month of being in shelter Angela and her Dawning Family Services case worker found a house that her family could move into by the end of that week. Her daughters were overjoyed to have a safe home they can finally call theirs. A bed, air conditioning, safety, and protection… they were overjoyed.

During her time in shelter, Angela was connected to DFS’s Employment Department where she attended employment workshops and worked closely with our Employment Specialist to be better prepared for job opportunities on the horizon.

Angela is now fully employed, in a safe home with her two daughters, and doing better than ever.

Because of donor support, families like Angela’s can turn to Dawning Family Services. With your support, DFS can continue helping our community’s most vulnerable families.

Can you help us today? Please consider making a monthly gift to support Dawning Family Services and families like Angela's.

Written by Tori Calandro


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