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Just imagine: A global pandemic has taken hold, you have four children and are pregnant with your fifth, your husband has been laid off from work with no job prospects insight, and your family has been evicted from their home. You’ve been fortunate to find an emergency bridge housing that can accept your entire family. But now what?

That was Kacey and Mark just two months ago. Taking matters into their own hands, the family turned to Dawning Family Services. Their assigned case manager at Dawning immediately developed a housing plan for the family and registered Kacey and her husband, Mark, for the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative’s “Speed Leasing Event.” Through this program, the family was approved for a 3-bedroom apartment, with Dawning Family Services providing financial assistance to cover the cost of a security deposit, first month’s rent, and a portion of the monthly rent and utilities throughout the summer.

Dawning Family Services also provided meals and brand-new linens (donated from community partners), as well as coordinated with another agency for a car seat. In addition, the Dawning Family Services case manager referred one of Kacey and Mark’s children to the Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System, through Hillsborough County Schools, because of suspected developmental delays.

Kacey, Mark, and their children continue to work with Dawning Family Services to maintain their housing stability. And now that they have a place of their own, Mark was able to obtain a full-time job working from home, while Kacey cares for the children and prepares for the birth of their little one. The entire family is living healthily and happily and appreciates the work of Dawning Family Services and its myriad partners who contributed to their family well-being.


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