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Ms. Antoinette arrived at Dawning Family Services as a self-referral in June 2021. She was a caregiver to her minor grandson and faced many obstacles because of limited income. Antoinette received only $800 a month for disability and was able to occasionally bring in extra earnings by babysitting for family and friends. She lived in a mobile home community and was served notice that a new owner had purchased the property. All tenants had to either vacate within 30 days or purchase their mobile home with $3,000 down plus interest rates and lot rental fees. With such limited income, purchasing the mobile home was not an option for Ms. Antoinette.

With only a 30-day notice from Antoinette’s property manager, the Dawning Family Services team had to take quick action. Fortunately, Antoinette was able to move in with a family member while our team pursued affordable housing options. With a lot of coordination and networking with other community partners, we located an affordable cottage in Antoinette preferred area, assisted her with food from our pantry, and provided financial assistance for utilities and moving expenses. By August 2021, Antoinette and her grandson were living safely in their new home.

Your investments and support of Dawning Family Services makes it possible for our team members to assist vulnerable community members like Antoinette and her grandson. Thank you for helping us make the world a better place! To learn more about our services or to donate, please visit

Written by Tori Calandro


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