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Six-year-old Devin held firmly to his father’s hand as they left their hotel room with clothes and blankets. He had never slept in a car before and was frightened. “Where are we going?”, Devin asked. Tim, Devin’s father, didn’t have an answer, but he was determined to keep his son safe and healthy. After losing his job because of the pandemic, Tim had no income to continue paying for the hotel they lived in. The little income he received from Door Dashing was not enough to afford an apartment, and most of the money was used for gas and ice to keep his son’s medications cold. Devin had complex medical issues that required daily medication, which had to stay refrigerated. Tim made their Door Dash adventures fun for his son, but he knew this was unsustainable and not healthy for Devin.

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Written by Tori Calandro


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