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Emma came to us when she and her family were asked to leave the place in which they were staying, leaving the homeless.

“I understood why we couldn’t remain. There just wasn’t enough room for all of us in addition to the other people who were living there,” shared Emma. Compounding the already fraught situation, Zachary was in NICU and Emma was worried about not having a home to return to when he was discharged.

Emma and I were blessed to find Dawning [Family Services] while my grandson was still in the hospital,” says Michelle. Adds Emma, “My mom [Michelle] is a huge help for the kids and me. She worked long hours to bring in money for the family so I could recover and spend time with Zach.”

Emma, Michelle, and the children ultimately were provided safe emergency bridge housing and supportive services by Dawning Family Services. Their assigned case manager took time to understand the family’s unique and dynamic needs. She helped to obtain childcare vouchers for all three children, located a safe and affordable apartment, and coordinated financial assistance to cover rent, security, and utility deposits for the family’s rental. Emma had a job before she gave birth to Zach and was fortunate that the position was held for her while on maternity leave. After Emma returned to work, Michelle became the caregiver for her grandsons.

Since we last met with Emma, she has shared that she now is working a second job and has enrolled part-time in community college. Emma reiterates how grateful she was to find a program that allowed her mother, Michelle, to be placed in bridge housing with her and her sons since Michelle is such important support. “I have been happy since day one (of coming to Dawning Family Services). You all helped me to keep my entire family together so I could meet my family’s needs.

Your past support has made it possible for us to provide Emma and other families like hers with the services they need to obtain and maintain permanent, affordable housing.


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