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Media Outlets

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Great Day Live (CBS) Interview with Tammi Casagni, January 12

FOX13 Midday News with Tammi Casagni, March 4

FOX13 Afternoon News with Tammi Casagni, March 22

ABC News at Dusk til Dawn, March 22

NBC News at Dusk til Dawn, March 22

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Press Release

Sent via email to Tampa Bay media outlets

February 12, 2024 and March 21, 2024

FOX13 Midday News March 4, 2024

ABC News at Dusk til Dawn March 22, 2024

Activities & Guest Speakers

Activities (Breakout Sessions)

  • Facilitated Discussion Groups

  • Game of Life Exercise with United Way Suncoast

  • Blessing Bags Assembly

  • Children's Activities

  • Face of Homelessness Walk

  • Guided Meditation

  • Sunrise Breakfast with Facilitated Discussion & Reflections

Guest Speakers

  • Tammi Casagni, CEO of Dawning Family Services

  • John Bennett, City of Tampa Chief of Staff

  • Brenda Hernandez, Vice President - Lending Business Enablement, Suncoast Credit Union

  • Cindy Walz, Community Advocate

  • Louria Readus, Dawning Family Services Client

Attendance & Revenue


60 guests onsite

25 guests overnight

10 families viewing livestream

*The event day was rainy and stormy, affecting attendance.  We anticipated over 100 guests, based on registrations; however, the weather had a significant impact.



to support the mission of Dawning Family Services


Quotes from Participants

"You might have slept in your car once or twice during a camping trip in the middle of the mountain or maybe you slept in your car while traveling to another state and thought nothing of it; but nothing comes close to the emotional impact it has to sleep in your car in your own city because you have nowhere else to go. Sleeping in my car was, to say the least, difficult and I didn’t even have children with me. Can’t even imagine what it is like with a newborn or younger children. We need to get them off the streets and into safe housing now!" (Christopher Bellido, Suncoast Credit Union and Dawning Family Services Advisory Team)

“I am amazed by the impact that a few faithful people can have when committed to a cause / purpose that is greater than themselves. The Dusk ‘Til Dawn event continues to enlarge my heart for the underserved, and it restores my faith in the power of human kindness.”  (David LeRoy Morrison, Savills & Dawning Family Services Board of Directors)

Save the Date
3rd Annual Dusk til Dawn

March 28, 2025

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