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Formerly Alpha House of Tampa
We believe every child deserves a safe place to rest and hope for a brighter future.  We know you do, too. 
How many families can you help welcome home today?
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Resilience in the Face of Loss: Zoey's Story

Zuleyka Family Photo_edited.png
In the scorching heat of July 2023, tragedy struck the lives of Zoey and her family when their beloved home was engulfed in flames, leaving them with nothing but ashes and heartache.  The devastating fire not only robbed them of their possessions but also took away their cherished family dog, leaving them in an abyss of despair.

In their darkest hour, a ray of hope emerged.  A compassionate family member opened their doors to them, providing shelter and the warmth of a loving embrace during their time of need.
For three painstaking months, the family searched the housing market, grappling with the soaring rents that threatened to push them further toward homelessness.  That's when they discovered Dawning Family Services (DFS).  DFS' Prevention department jumped into action, supplying Zoey's family with food, hygiene products, gift cards, and assistance in receiving new I.D.s to help build back what they had lost from the fire.  Zoey's husband, William, had a medical condition that was worsening through the stress.  DFS provided additional support in navigating the health care system to better address his medical needs.

Amidst the trials and tribulations, the family experienced moments of success and resilience.  Despite the hurdles, William regained his health and maintained stable employment, providing a lifeline for the family's financial stability.

Through the determination of Zoey's family and the support of Dawning Family Services, their new home was found.  DFS assisted with move-in costs, security deposit, and first month's rent to ensure the family could have a place to call their own before the holiday season.

Their incredible journey, from the ashes of despair to the dawn of a new beginning, is a testament to the power of compassion, resilience, and the unwavering support Dawning Family Services provides.

With your generous donations, we can ensure that other families like Zoey's find their way back to the warmth and security of a loving home, as they rebuild their lives and futures.  Your support can turn their tragedies into stories of triumph and hope.
Your gifts make a difference!
Provides a home
for a family for 
2 weeks
Provides food for a family for 1 month
Helps provide hygiene items for parents & children
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