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The 1st Annual Dusk til Dawn was a success!
We are already planning the 2nd Annual Dusk til Dawn for Friday March 22, 2024!
Nearly $60,000 raised to help families touched by homelessness.
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Breakout Session Questions
  1. Has tonight changes the way you think about homelessness or people that are experiencing it? How?

  2. What is one thing you are anxious or nervous about tonight?

  3. Statistic #1: Since 2015 the national homelessness percentage has increased by how much?   (Answer:  35%)  Are you surprised by the answer?  Why or why not?

  4. Statistic #2: How many families are currently on the waiting list for Tampa Housing Authority?  (Answer:  18,000 families)  Are you surprised by the answer?  Why or why not?

  5. What are some ways the community can participate to help solve family homelessness in our community?

Quotes from Participants

Sleep outside on the hard ground for one night and you will immediately gain a glimpse into the realities of our homeless families in Tampa Bay. I slept out for Dusk 'Til Dawn. No bed, no shelter, no safety....a situation no child and their family should experience. Homelessness does not discriminate and it is NOT who you are; it is a situation you are in! It is our job as a community to help all vulnerable families escape poverty and have a place to call home. This experience has forever changed my perspective; Dawning Family Services provides hope, support and guidance to all those in need!  This experience is something that I hope all of you will experience next year at our 2nd annual event.  (Janet)


Dusk Til Dawn was a great community event.  Heart warming and enlightening for those that really don’t know what its like to be homeless.  (Barbie)

“The Dusk ‘Til Dawn event was the single most powerful event that I’ve attended/experienced in the last few decades!  I am forever changed!  The event allowed the compassionate and empathetic to become uncomfortable for a night in order to gain a deeper understanding/greater awareness of the physical, emotional, and financial toll that being displaced or homeless has on individuals and exponentially on families.  I’m constantly reminded that we are all “that situation” away from needing to lean on our families, friends, and/or neighbors, and Dawning Family Services has been that community for so many vulnerable families!  Hearing from committed sponsors like Suncoast Credit Union, and success stories from families that have come through Dawning Family Services’ doors/programs was enlightening to say the least.   I applaud Dawning’s commitment to continuing the fight to lift up vulnerable families with infant children.  I wish there were more organizations like Suncoast Credit Union to take up the charge to support Dawning Family Services.”  (David)

Dusk till dawn was a very humbling experience, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to help fundraise and participate. Despite the discomfort and challenges of sleeping in my car, I was inspired by the sense of community and solidarity among those who attended and by the willingness of so many to come together to raise awareness and support for those experiencing homelessness.  (Travis)

As I laid on the grass. I thought this is my bed. As I look up at the moon, I thought this is my only light. I looked over at the trees and I thought this is my wall. Then I realized the work  I do should never be thought of as small. The event inspired me to relieve homelessness, afford every family a chance to rebuild their lives  and to serve them from a mind space of honor.  (Chanetta)

It was truly meaningful to me, to be able to be part of the Dusk til Dawn event because, it let me be a better social worker and human being.  (Manuela)

I feel the Dusk til Dawn event from Dawning Family Services was both awakening and eye opening.  To see, hear, and experience what the families they help go through, really puts it out there in the open that this is the reality for  alot of families and hopefully will change soon.  (Denise)

The saying "until you walk a mile in someone's shoes" holds true to this event and the work we do here at Dawning. Working with families who are experiencing homeless has taught me to always show compassion, kindness, love, to give when you can, and when you can't to always be a listening ear and advocate as no one deserves to go through anything like this alone.  (Kelsie)


Notes for Next Year's Event

Our staff and Board of Directors were happy with the first annual Dusk til Dawn; but there is always room to improve!  Our "take-aways" for planning next year's Dusk til Dawn are listed below.  We welcome any feedback from Suncoast Credit Union!

  • The guest speakers and movie were difficult to hear because of traffic noise.  Next year, we will need louder speakers.

  • Parking was nearly full this year and we expect to have a larger event next year.  We will need to make plans for additional parking options.

  • We hope to have the majority of our sponsors engaged prior to 2024

  • Dawning Family Services is starting an Advisory Team of volunteers who can help with events for our families and fundraisers including Dusk til Dawn.  The Advisory Team can help build momentum and participation of Dusk til Dawn.

2nd Annual Dusk til Dawn
Friday March 22, 2024
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