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Back-to-School Wish List

The start of the new school year is exciting for many families.  Students reunite with friends they have missed over the summer, and show off their new outfits.  Imagine sending your kids to school with no supplies.  They may feel embarrassed or get bullied by other children.  

Your donation of school supplies means the world to the kids we serve.  It gives them confidence to start the new school year, and sets them up for success.  Please deliver all school supply donations by August 1st.

Additionally, we have a toy drive for the holiday season.  We can accept new toys for children ages 0-18 each year November 1 through December 1.  The toy wish list will be published online in October.

Non-perishable food donations and personal care products are always helpful for families, too!  Check out our food pantry wish list here.

Asian girl going back to school
Please deliver back-to-school supplies by August 1.

School Supplies (Grades K-12)


  • Pencil Box

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Erasers

  • Glue Sticks

  • No. 2 Pencils

  • Colored Pencils

  • Ball Point Pens

  • Crayons

  • Highlighters

  • Washable Markers

  • Ruler

  • Blue-tipped Scissors

  • Scissors

  • Wide-ruled Notebook of Pad

  • Loose-leaf Paper

  • Spiral Notebooks

  • Graph Paper

  • Assorted Construction Paper

  • Index Cards

  • Plastic Folders

  • Three-Ring Binder

  • Subject Dividers

  • Post-Its

  • Three-Hole Punch

  • Calculator

  • Protractor

  • White-Out

  • Combination Lock

  • Tissues

  • Backpack

  • Lunchbox

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